Why should you Consider Getting HGV Training in 2017?

Things might be a little difficult for HGV drivers in previous years but the transportation industry has taken a 90 degree shift in how it operates by increasing incomes and incentives for skilled and trained drivers. If you are thinking that your HGV training will give you the job security that you need then you are absolutely right. HGV driver training has been helping tons of drivers in 2017 to get their CAT C1 licence and start a career that has been extremely rewarding than before.

Lack of skilled HGV Drivers


Why have training schools started encouraging people to opt for a driving career through HGV training? One of the reasons is that the UK has been facing a severe shortage of HGV drivers especially after brexit, the transportation industries now are bound to pay professional HGV drivers higher salaries than ever before. The year 2017 is a golden time to get your HGV training and start working on a great pay scale. HGV jobs have increased by 90% in this year which has allowed all the authorised trainees to find a job and stick to it.

Better & Higher Salaries

Unfortunately in the previous years, the transportation and logistics industry has not been very kind to the HGV drivers but it has drastically changed since a few years to something that is extremely positive. The government of the UK has taken measures to secure the drivers trained through HGV training so that they can earn better incomes and show more efficiency on their HGV jobs. This year brings out the best salary packages for HGV drivers. Most of the transportation industries offer £30,000 per annum with benefits and bonuses.

HGV Training

Up to date & High Quality HGV Training

The ways of the modern world keep changing and the most important part is that, new technology is helping change the entire face of HGV training and HGV driving these days. You certainly do not want to stick to the same old ways of driving when much better and easier ways have been introduced. Our instructors help you learn whatever is new and provide you updated HGV training that will benefit you in the modern world.

Affordable HGV Training

Because the demand for LGV training has increased, we have introduced a 0% interest rate loan option for our students to avail where they can train now and pay later to get the most out of their HGV training.