outdoor photography

Learn the science of low light and long exposure photography outdoors along with many other lighting techniques used in photography.

If you have good aesthetics we will give you an eye to see the beauty outdoors. Learning with our outdoor photography course is a great chance to connect with nature and recognise the beauty that exists around us. Even if you are into portrait photography, nothing makes a better backdrop than beautiful night sky or an intense waterfall. Let us teach you how to build emotion and attraction in an image that is captured outside. Our outdoor photography course brings out the best in you and open up numerous pathways for your future towards success.

An Overview to our Outdoor Photography Course

Our outdoor photography courses give you a leverage of travelling the country and going places for various outdoor photo shoots in order to learn through theory and practical. Your best captures will always work as a reminder of your advancement. Our instructors share their knowledge about photography and give you an insight of how you can take your career head after becoming an outdoor photographer. Our course includes:

  • Introduction to outdoor photography
  • Water Photography
  • Knowledge about the Gear
  • Science of Exposure and controlling the camera
  • Focus points and composition tips
  • Post processing tools
  • Finding clientele

There is much more that our digital photography course offers in terms of career and skill.

Career Prospects as an Outdoor Photographer

The best part of being an outdoor photographer is that your chances of travelling the country and the world increase by a 100%. These beautiful photographs that we come across on magazines like national geographic or Smithsonian are brought to us by the hard work that photographers put in day in day out. The rewards for these photographs are exceptional. You can earn from your job as a photographer but depending on your work quality you can easily make bonuses and incentives by capturing one in a million photographs. Here are a few things you could become after you finish your outdoor photography course:

  • Underwater photographer
  • Ariel photographer
  • Landscape photographer
  • Wedding photographer
  • Post processor

You can easily make more than £30,000 per annum with various ventures with clients or your company. The best bet is to go for self-employment so you get to become the boss of your own. Outdoor photography classes are going to make a huge difference in your pay scale. If you were to earn a certain amount of money each year, you will make double the money with the right kind of knowledge in hand.